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Hello, fellow Puget Sound paddlers and GPS users!

I have created a couple of GPS files that contain all of the Washington Water Trails Association's Cascadia Marine Trail campsite locations. Perhaps you can use these files as I do, spending hours dreaming virtual trips with mapping software while waiting out the dark, winter weather thinking of summer paddling!

Ron Frederick (1, 2) inspired me to create these files through his enthusiasm for the trail and his efforts at posting information about it at the Hole-in-the-Wall Paddling Club website. All the waypoints include a link to a PDF file on the club's website that describes each campsite in detail. Please consider joining and supporting these fine organizations. (WWTA and HitWPC )

Here's how to download these files for your use:

1. Right click the file version you want and select "Save Target As" but DO NOT click "Save" yet...

2. Change the last three characters of the file name from ".pdf" to either ".gpx" or ".gdb" depending on which version you are saving.

3. Click the "Save" button.

GPX Version - The gpx version is a general GPS data exchange format which can be used by most mapping software and hardware.

GDB Version - The gdb format is a Garmin specific file format but may also be usable in other brands of software and hardware. In this version I created proximity alerts at a distance of 0.5 nautical mile from each of the waypoints. So, if you load these into a compatable GPS you'll get an alert beep when you get within a half nautical mile of the campsite.

** ** Help! If you are a proud member of computer geekdom (as I want to be) please help me with this file naming work around I had to use. I had to falsely name the data files with the ".pdf" extension to allow them to be downloaded. I thrashed around with this issue and finally came up with this workaround to get the job done using only the thimbleful of web authoring knowledge at my disposal. Although I am a computer geek wannabe, I obviously can't claim the title yet! If you know something about web authoring and HTML, would you be willing to send me an e-mail about how to do this without resorting to my goofy workaround? I will happily respond appropriately with an e-mail saying, "Duh! So that's how you do it. Thank you!"

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